Gearing Up?

Not sure if I’m trying to breathe some life into this or not but I have been feeling a slight urge to communicate a bit more than I have over the past year. Usually I move the cursor away from the Blogger shortcut as fast as I can, and today I actually clicked it. Now I just have to remember what has happened in the past year. . . . 
The first big news from last spring is that I lost my camera, my lovely little Lumix LX2 – a point & shoot with superior ability. I think that I set it on the car and then drove off?! One thing that it lacked was a neck strap – I think that the new models have them. Any way, I looked everywhere and called around and looked everywhere again with no luck – this went on for several months and, for nearly a year, when friends would ask “What’s new?” it would always, eventually, come to “I lost my camera.” After a while I stopped being so mopey about it and started saving and researching. After much obsessing and looking around I settled on the Lumix GF-1 a micro four thirds format with interchangeable lenses. At the time it cost only about $100 more than the newest model LX5 and had many more features. By the time I thought I had enough cash the price had gone up considerably, over twice the cost of an LX5, and the new model had yet to be released. I hadn’t saved up that much. I finally realized that I could afford a reconditioned camera and ordered one before those prices started soaring. So, I have my new camera and am taking my time learning about it. Sometimes I catch myself smiling when I think about it. Other times I don’t catch myself and just smile.
In August 2010, Mara and John Rooney opened The Dancing Goat Yarn Shop in Warsaw!! I was (and still am) so excited that a real, bricks and mortar yarn shop was just a few miles down the road from my house. No more having to wait days for something to be shipped or having to drive over an hour to find  store that might have what I wanted. I’ve been knitting more and selling most of the bags I’ve made over the past year. I have to go down there this afternoon and get some yarn to finish a new bag.
I guess that the third big-ish development is discovering that I can actually make chain maille jewelry. I only get myself twisted up for a short time while I figure out a new weave and then everything goes right together. I just ordered some new rings to make a couple of bracelets and earrings and maybe a necklace.
I think this is enough for today. I must get out and run errands and get my new yarn.

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