The Quiet Before the . . .

Though I’m generally on the quiet side, I’m even more so these days as I am busy dyeing  all sorts of yarns for the Finger Lakes Fiber Festival at the Hemlock, NY FairGrounds on September 21 & 22. I have many new bases with a couple more coming later in the week! The only down side is that my supplier had medical issues at the beginning of the year, when she would normally be telling the mill what she needed for the middle of the year, so I am very short on some of my old standbys. I will be able to get them in October but will not have them for the festival. I will, however, have a lot of lace weights, some very nice new fingering weights and a couple of lovely DK weights. Some of the new colors are saturated and vibrant while others are misty and ethereal so you will have quite a choice in that department.

I’ll try and stop back in with photos and more info on the yarns I will have at the Festival. The etsy shop will not be up-dated until after the Festival and then I hope to have, at least, some of everything to post there. I really dislike that part of this business but will get to it as quickly as I can.

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