Knitting in Tangents Podcast Episode 5

Knitting in Tangents Podcast Episode 5

Show Notes

March Socks: Propanicus Moon Merino Tweed in Lilac Bouquet

Doodler Shawl
Yarn for April Socks – aka knitting camp yarn: Propanicus Moon BFL Twist

Daft Dames yarn and weaving supplies

Edinburgh Yarn Festival Wool Tribe book. As of now 3-25-16, copies are still available!

With patterns from:
Ysolda Teague, Gudrun Johnston, Karie Westermann, Lucy Hague, Jo Kelly and Mica Koehlmos

Blend #1 yarn from Ysolda Teague. This yarn is now sold out. 50% Merino, 40% Polworth, 10% Zwartbles

Arohaknits, #5shawls5days – knitting one sample a day of 5 different shawl shapes.

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